Our objectives: Optimising competences in organisations
Cultural insights and cross-cultural competencies for global business growth
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Testing your cross-cultural skills and profile:

We have more than 20 years experience accompanying international companies and institutions setting up systems for strategic human resource management. We advise effective cross-cultural interaction for partnerships and intercultural management.

Internationalisation of businesses and the globalisation of the economy lead an increasing number of employees from different countries to work together regularly.

Companies involved in outsourcing, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions have to promote initiatives which would help developing effective operational collaborations among people from different cultures. There is a growing need felt about cross-cultural communication comer negotiation and management.

Some issues to be addressed:
  • How to manage human resources when languages, concept of time, space authority are different?
  • How to avoid some of the drawbacks and how to optimise the management of a multicultural team?
  • How to communicate and negotiate with partners from different cultures in a win-win approach?

Assessing cross-cultural competencies: approach in methodology

We propose online, a competency inventory list for staff working or interacting with foreign partners. It is based on our expertise with companies in France and abroad on cross-cultural awareness, communication and negotiation. The inventory helps to identify the openness and adaptability and position the cross-cultural competencies needed by people operating in an international context.

The test is based on recent research in France and internationally in the field of cross-cultural management. Designed with the participation of occupational psychologists, the cross-cultural skills inventory and the fire has been validated in France, the UK, Mauritius…

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